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Add-On Remote Start Upgrade for OEM Keyless Entry Systems

The RS00-G5 is a complete "add-on" remote start system that utilizes your factory keyless entry transmitter to start the vehicle. You will not have to carry any extra transmitters or any aftermakarket remote, simply press the lock button of the factory remote three times an the vehicle will start.

Cool Start™ RS00-G5

  • Features:
    ◾Uses OEM keyless entry remote to start the vehicle
    ◾Horn honk for remote start confirmation
    ◾2-Way data port
    ◾MobileStart™ port for easy connection to MobileStart™ MS-3 module
    ◾Programmable 1-Way & 2-Way interchangeable (Programmable option plus antenna swap)
    ◾Programmable engine sensing modes: Tachometer (RPM), Tachless (Voltage) or Hybrid Mode
    ◾Smart tachless mode monitors charging system of vehicle to assure better start
    ◾Gas or diesel engine operation
    ◾Manual Transmission mode with hand brake or remote activation
    ◾On-board high-current remote start relays
    ◾On-board parking light relay
    ◾LED indicator and valet switch
    ◾31 programmable options
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