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2-Way FM/FM LED Paging Single-Button Remote Start & Keyless Entry System

The RS2-G3 is our single-button remote start and keyless entry system that also pages back the user with confirmation of remote start and lock and unlock. The system uses multiple LEDs and audible tones for confirmation and has a long range of up to 2500 ft. Unlike our other single-button remote starters, the RS2-G3 will give the user full keyless entry control through the single button whether the engine is running or not.

Cool Start™ RS2-G3

  • Features:
    ◾Includes (1) 2- way LED paging remote and (1) "sidekick" non-paging 1-way remote
    ◾2500 ft. operating range
    ◾2-Way data port for easy data module hook-up
    ◾Keyless entry through single button
    ◾Faster response time on remote for lock, unlock and start
    ◾Turbo Timer mode with hand brake activation
    ◾Programmable engine sensing modes: Tachometer (RPM), Tachless (Voltage) or Hybrid Mode
    ◾Smart tachless mode monitors charging system of vehicle to assure better start
    ◾Gas or diesel engine operation
    ◾Negative ignition, accessory and starter outputs
    ◾Minimum crank time adjustable in 0.1 second increments (0.8 - 1.4 seconds)
    ◾Programmable unlock pulse before remote start to disarm factory alarm
    ◾High-current 10 amp (+) or (-) parking light output with on-board relay
    ◾Negative horn-honk ouput with programmable 15-30 millisecond pulse time
    ◾OEM alarm arm and disarm outputs
    ◾LED and valet switch built into antenna mast
    ◾Remote start diagnostics through LED (Continues to flash error code until ignition is turned on)
    ◾25 programmable options
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