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Add-On Security Upgrade with Siren for OEM Keyless Entry Systems

The CS-884S.OEM is an add-on security system designed for the purpose of upgrading your factory keyless entry system to a full-blown security system. Desinged for use with newer vehicles 2007 and up, this upgrade system requires a data module so it can see the lock and lock commands come from the OEM remote control and effectively arm and disarm the security system as you please. The system also comes with a dual-stage shock sensor to pick up vibration around the vehicle when the system is armed and a 120W sigle tone siren to alert you when the alarm is triggered.

Crimestopper™ CS-884S.OEM

  • Features:
    ◾Includes 120 watt single tone siren
    ◾Negative armed output for starter kill
    ◾Passive arming mode
    ◾Positive and negative door trigger inputs
    ◾Negative hood and trunk inputs
    ◾10 second or 60 second door open warning for dome light fade
    ◾Dual-stage, dual-adjustment shock sensor
    ◾On-board parking lamp relay
    ◾Negative horn-honk output
    ◾Requires a data module to interface with OEM keyless entry remote
    ◾FLU-100.2 or OFA-123 programming cable required for installation
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