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The FS-32 is a high-tech 2-Way security system which uses a rechargeable LCD remote to let the vehicle owner communicate with the system. The system operates on an FM/FM frequency with a range of 3000 Ft. using a 2-Way LCD remote with new icons and text seen on a 20% larger screen and an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB recharging – all in a slick looking 5-button case. Standard features include a dual-stage shock sensor, single tone siren, trunk pop, starter kill output and a 2-Way data port for easy data module hook-up.

Fortress™ FS-32

  • The Fortress™ FS-32 is a high-tech 2-Way paging security system that will provide a high level of protection over your vehicle. This system includes a 2-Way Rechargeable LCD pager which will alert you of any kind of intrusion or vandalism at the vehicle. The system includes the latest in vehicle security technology such as a dual-stage shock sensor, starter kill output and a 20W high-power single-tone siren.

    The interactive display on the paging remote confirms all commands almost instantly with easy-to-understand icons. It alerts the user to alarm triggers by beeping and vibrating when out of audible range of the siren. The LCD screen will also turn red when an alarm trigger is reported to the user. The LCD remote can be set into silent mode where it will vibrate only when the vehicle is tampered with, or you can also customize it by turning only the beeping tones on without vibration. You can also turn off both the vibration and beepign tones completely for a full silent mode.

    The FS-32 can be easily converted between 2-Way and 1-Way by swtiching one of the programmable options and replacing the antenna and transmitters. You no longer have to remove the brain and mess up your clean installation to fully upgrade your system.

    ◾(1) 2-Way FM/FM LCD paging transmitters with easy-to-read icons
    ◾(1) 1-Way "Sidekick" non-paging transmitter
    ◾Charger included
    ◾3000 ft. Operating range
    ◾Starter kill output
    ◾Audible & visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert
    ◾Separate driver's door priority unlock
    ◾Dual stage shock sensor with dual adjustments
    ◾20 watt high-power single tone siren (120 dB)
    ◾On-board parking light relay
    ◾Trunk pop
    ◾2-Way Data Port for easy data module hook-up
    ◾Can be easily switched from a 2-Way to a 1-Way system through option table
    ◾Code-hopping receiver
    ◾2-Vehicle operation
    ◾19 programmable options
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