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The FS-42 is our 1-Way combo system that combines the protection of a security system with the added convenience of a remote start system. Operating at a 1500 Ft. range, this system includes all of the same standard security and keyless entry features as our other systems but will also allow the vehicle owner to remote start their vehicle at the push of a button.

Fortress™ FS-42

  • Features:
    ◾(2) Sleek 5-button transmitters with brushed aluminum and titanium finish
    ◾1500 ft. Operating range
    ◾Starter kill output
    ◾Audible & visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert
    ◾Separate driver's door priority unlock
    ◾Dual stage shock sensor with dual adjustments
    ◾20 watt high-power single tone siren (120 dB)
    ◾On-board parking light relay
    ◾Trunk pop
    ◾(3) Additional auxiliary channels
    ◾Twin 2-Way data ports to accomodate both Fortin and ADS data modules
    ◾MobileStart™ port
    ◾Can be easily switched from a 1-Way to a 2-Way system through option table
    ◾Code-hopping receiver
    ◾Gas, Diesel and Hybrid vehicle compatible
    ◾Built-in ignition, accessory and starter relays for remote engine start
    ◾Manual Transmission Mode with hand-brake or remote activation
    ◾Turbo Timer, Idle Down and Infinity Run modes for remote start
    ◾Tach Learn and Smart Tachless voltage modes for remote start operation
    ◾Adjustable crank times
    ◾Adjustable remote start run times (5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes)
    ◾Programmable timed self start every 1-4 hours
    ◾Full OEM remote integration for security and remote start control
    ◾2-Vehicle operation
    ◾35 programmable options
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