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The SP-52 will give you the best of everything: Security, keyless entry and remote start all combine with 2-Way paging to keep in contact with the system. The system includes a 2-Way LCD remote with new icons and text seen on a 20% larger LCD screen and an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB recharging – all in a slick looking 5-button case. Complete with a 3000 Ft. operating range, all of the security, keyless entry and remote start features of the 1-Way system are included with the SP-502 system.

Fortress™ FS-52

  • Features:
    ◾(1) 2-Way FM/FM LCD paging transmitters with easy-to-read icons
    ◾(1) 1-Way "Sidekick" non-paging transmitter
    ◾Charger included
    ◾3000 ft. Operating range
    ◾Starter kill output
    ◾Audible & visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert
    ◾Separate driver's door priority unlock
    ◾Dual stage shock sensor with dual adjustments
    ◾20 watt high-power single tone siren (120 dB)
    ◾On-board parking light relay
    ◾Trunk pop
    ◾(3) Additional auxiliary channels
    ◾Twin 2-Way data ports to accomodate both Fortin and ADS data modules
    ◾MobileStart™ port
    ◾Can be easily switched from a 2-Way to a 1-Way system through option table
    ◾Code-hopping receiver
    ◾Gas, Diesel and Hybrid vehicle compatible
    ◾Built-in ignition, accessory and starter relays for remote engine start
    ◾Manual Transmission Mode with hand-brake or remote activation
    ◾Turbo Timer, Idle Down and Infinity Run modes for remote start
    ◾Tach Learn and Smart Tachless voltage modes for remote start operation
    ◾Adjustable crank times
    ◾Adjustable remote start run times (5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes)
    ◾Programmable timed self start every 1-4 hours
    ◾Full OEM remote integration for security and remote start control
    ◾2-Vehicle operation
    ◾35 programmable options
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