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Deluxe 1-Way Security and Keyless Entry System

The SP-202 is our deluxe model 1-Way secuirty system that provides a "step-up" layer of protection over your vehicle. The system operates at a 700 Ft. range and includes keyless entry and trunk pop features as well as the dual-stage shock sensor, single tone siren, built in starter kill for extra protection and driver's priority unlock. The system also includes a 2-way data port for easy bypass module connection on newer vehicles.

SecurityPlus™ SP-202

  • The SecurityPlus™ SP-202 is our "step-up" 1-Way alarm and keyless entry system. The features that differ from the entry-level system include a dual-stage, dual adjustment shock sensor as well a starter kill output for extra protection. Installation improvements include the addition of the 2-Way Data Port for easy data module hook-up. The transmitters have a bit of a different design to them as well making them a little smaller and easier to carry around on your key chain. This state-of-the art system also includes the high-demand feature of keyless entry with the added convenience of driver's priority unlock to make it just like the OEM keyless entry systems.

    To top it all off, the SP-202 system can be easily converted from a 1-Way system to a 2-Way paging system by swtiching one of the programmable options and replacing the antenna and transmitters. You no longer have to remove the brain and mess up your clean installation to fully upgrade your system.

    ◾Includes (2) Compact 5-button transmitters with chrome accents
    ◾700 ft. Operating range
    ◾Starter kill output
    ◾Audible & visual arm/disarm with intrusion alert
    ◾Separate driver's door priority unlock
    ◾Dual stage shock sensor with dual adjustments
    ◾20 watt high-power single tone siren (120 dB)
    ◾On-board parking light relay
    ◾Trunk pop
    ◾2-Way Data Port for easy data module hook-up
    ◾Can be easily switched from a 1-Way to a 2-Way system through option table
    ◾Code-hopping receiver
    ◾2-Vehicle operation
    ◾19 programmable options
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